Resources for your Apple 1 to 1 Program

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Each year more and more schools are taking advantage of the opportunity to bring technology into their classrooms. Many go through mac of all trades to buy MacBooks, iPads, iMacs and other refurbished Apple computers to support their program needs. Whether it’s a 1 to 1, BYOD or other type of “smart classroom” program, here are nine websites we think can help teachers and students achieve their goals in the classroom,

Website Resources for Teachers

One-To-One Institute – Is a great website to use for help with integrating technology in the classroom. They have high quality coaches and consultants that can help with all aspects of your program.

K-12 Blueprint – This is a planning resource for personalizing learning. This website is geared towards helping to “revamp curriculum, improve STEM learning, and helping classrooms embark on technology supported initiatives.”

Tech & Learning – This is a online magazine that helps keep educators in the know about the latest technology. The site includes app of the day, an informational blog, and helpful webinars and videos.

Website Resources for Students

Mathtrain.TV – A free educational “kids teaching kids” project from Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. The student-created math video lessons are posted to sites like iTunes and YouTube and can be viewed by anyone.

Discovery Education – Discovery Education offers free interactive games, videos, webinars and homework help for students. Discovery Education’s goal is to help students become more passionate about learning by trying to make it interactive and fun for the student.

Quizlet – This website offers free study tools for students on a wide variety of subjects. Using the website or their apps, Quizlet allows students to define what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.


A Practical Guide to Implementing 1:1 – This guide from the Scholastic website offers six tips on how to achieve your school’s goals and sustain a good learning program for your students.

1-to-1 Essentials Program – The Common Sense Organization offers a 1-to-1 Essentials three-phase plan. If you are starting out or just want to have a reference of how other plans have been formed this is a great resource.

The Definitive Guide to BYOD – An extensive guide made by the aruba Networks that explains what BYOD is, what questions you should be asking, how you start, what your options are and what could be some issues that come up. This guide focuses on the business implementation of BYOD, but also hits on how schools can use this type of program as well.

Still interested in what options you have for your classroom? Look at our Volume Shoppers page, and let us know if you have any questions on which refurbished Apple computer is perfect for your classroom!

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