10 Mac Tips and Tricks

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Have you ever wondered how to take a screen shot or maybe what the F3 key might do? We have put together some easy tips and ticks for you to use on your Mac to help you be more productive and Apple savvy.

1. Zoom in or out

If you’re on a newer MacBook pinch the trackpad to zoom out so you can see more of the window you are currently on. You can also spread your fingertips apart to zoom in and have a closer look at the window.

2. Show your desktop

If you press Command+F3 all applications will slide away so that you can easily view your desktop. This is helpful if you have many applications open at once, rather than closing them or minimizing the applications one by one you can just press those two buttons to get to your desktop. Also, if you just press F3, the Mission Control button, it gives you a new view so you can see all the apps and windows you have open.

3. Preview files

Need to take a quick look at a file or photo but don’t want to take the time to open an application and wait for the file to load? You can right-click on a file and select quick look or even faster you can select the file and press the space bar button.

4. Sign your documents

Preview has a great feature that lets you add your signature to documents. In Preview, go to Preferences, Signature and click on Create Signature. You will then need to sign your name on a white piece of paper, and hold it up to your computer’s camera. Once your signature lines up with the line on the screen, click Accept.

5. Take a screen shot

To take a screenshot of a selected area you press and hold the Shift+Command+Number 4 buttons and then you will click on your screen and drag the mouse over the area that you want to screenshot. If you want a screenshot of your entire screen press and hold Shift+Command+Number 3 buttons together.

6. Record your screen

Similar to screenshots you can also take video of your screen. Open QuickTime Player, click on File and chose New Screen Recording. You will have the option to record the full screen or a selection of your screen, and you will also have microphone options.

6. Hide apps

If you want to hide all open applications besides the app you are currently working on press Option+Command+H and all they will disappear. If you just want to hide the current application you are using press Command+H.

7. Automatically launching apps at startup

For some apps like your email or a web browser it could be beneficial for them to launch as soon as your computer turns on. To enable this feature open System Preferences, go to Users & Groups, press Login Items, click on the “+” and then add which ever apps you want to automatically launch at startup.

8. Use Spotlight

Spotlight can be very useful when trying to find files on your computer. As soon as you start typing files, photos, apps and folders start to appear that match your search. Spotlight can also find any files that might contain the words that match your search whether it’s in a word document, email or calendar. You can also use Spotlight to look up the definition of a word, and to do simple calculations. You can access Spotlight from the menu bar and also by pressing Command+Space.

9. Incremental volume

Adjust your volume in ¼ increments. Use Shift+Option+F11 or F12 to alter the volume as loud or soft as you want.

10. Switch apps

If you work with many apps open at once this tip can definitely help your productivity. Hit Command+Tab and the icons of all open apps will pop up and let you scroll through which app you want to select. You can also quit or hide an app while in this view by pressing “Q” or “H”.

If you have any more awesome Apple Mac tips or tricks that we didn’t cover, share them in the comments below!

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