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PCs dominated the consumer electronics realm in the nineties but Apple has fought back. Many people were cautious and still are to make the switch from PC to Mac, but over the years more and more have done it and haven’t looked back. Devices like the iMac and iPhone have brought Apple into the spotlight, and have helped them to lead the market in recent years.

If you are on the brink of purchasing a Mac there are many benefits that come with purchasing Apple equipment. Macs keep their value for years, maintaining a high performance level, which saves you money for not having to worry about making upgrades, or having to purchase the newes. Mac laptop and desktop computers also last longer because of having fewer virus issues with their secure operating system.

Many even say that Apple products are more user friendly, with an easy to learn interface that gives people the ability to pick up on how to use the operating system quickly and successfully. There are also less updates and maintenance procedures to worry about, and all Apple devices recognize each other and work together.

If you are making the switch from PC to Mac here are some tips to help the transition:

1. The Dock

On the Windows system you use the taskbar to access the Start Menu and switch you between windows; however, with a Mac you will be using the Dock (also at the bottom of your screen). The Dock is easy to use and allows you to personalize which apps, folders and documents you want to easily access like a document you work on daily, or the Safari web browser.

2. System Preferences

System Preferences will be your new Control Panel. This application allows you to customize everything from your desktop and keyboard controls to notifications and privacy settings. With clearly labeled icons and easy to use check boxes, System Preferences is easy to use to modify your computer the way you want.

3. Spotlight

This is the Mac’s search bar. When you click on the magnifier icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen, a field drops down that allows you to type anything you might be trying to find. Spotlight searches through the hard drive, web and can even look up a word in the dictionary. It groups together possible choices for the search term making it easy to find the document, picture, song or application you are looking for.

4. Migration Assistant

When you are fully committed to using your new Mac you will want to transfer all your files from your PC. With Apple’s utility, Migration Assistant, it is easy to copy your music, photos, files, folders, applications, documents and other features to your Mac.

To help you through this process follow this link from Apple’s support website:

5. Windows for Mac

Some people just can’t shake their love for Windows and that’s okay. You can still download Windows for Mac and use the Microsoft operating system on your computer instead. You will have to be able to download and run the program Boot Camp, here are instructions on how to get Boot Camp and run Windows on your Mac:

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