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Fortune Magazine came out with the World’s Most Admired Company list earlier this year, highlighting some of the largest company’s and rating them on nine different principles from people management to global competitiveness. For the seventh year in a row Apple, the leader in manufacturing consumer electronics, has made the top of the Most Admired list.

Out of the nine key attributes of reputation that the companies on the list were judged on, Apple was ranked first in all categories except for two; global competitiveness (second) and social responsibility (fifth). However, Apple has already taken big steps in their goal to minimize their carbon footprint on the environment and improve their social responsibility. Just in the past year Apple has launched new computer models that use 68-74 percent less material than previous models, and they now power their data centers with 100 percent renewable energy.

Many executives and industry leaders polled placed Apple above other powerhouse companies like, Google, Berkshire Hathaway and Starbucks in categories like innovation and quality of management. With the fan base that Apple has accumulated over the years, it’s not hard to see the influence the company has had in the business world and the impact Apple has made on the daily lives of their customers.

Apple has acquired the reputation of being the best in innovation, with many companies trying to replicate and copy their style and products. Devoted customers also camp out in front of stores waiting to be one of the first with the newest Apple product in hand. With the advancement and modernization of everyday electronics, Apple has been able to help ordinary people achieve unexpected things in their daily lives and for their own businesses.

With leading management figures like former CEO Steve Jobs and current CEO Tim Cook, Apple has always had quality management to lead the company and their departments making them admired by many corporations who often modeled themselves after Apple. Many of the executives like Jony Ive, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi have been with Apple for years setting the company culture and expectations, but Apple’s prestige has helped them to be able to bring in new talent from other companies like CFO Luca Maestri from Xerox and Senior VP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts from Burberry for their leadership and innovation abilities.

Along with great leadership and innovation, Apple has received a great reputation over the years because of their quality of products and customer service. Heading the electronic industry globally, Apple relies on its employees to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and hands-on. Apple’s in-store store customer experience alone sets the company apart from all of its retail competitors. With the option for customers to come to the store for lessons, product insight and to test machines themselves, it gives people a customer experience like no other.

Apple was founded in 1976 and despite going through a couple tough times; it seems to be a multinational corporation that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As we work with Apple products everyday at mac of all trades we see the high demand for the machines and the consumer enthusiasm that Apple has developed.

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