Apple Desktops

Upgrade your Desktop or Buy a New One?

The average desktop PC has a lifespan from anywhere between three to eight years. As the desktop starts to run slower as time passes, how do you know if you just need to upgrade some of the settings or buy … Read More

Mac or PC?

There is a constant debate over which is better; Mac or PC. While both have solid outcomes, a Mac has more capabilities than most people realize. And while yes, Apple products can be more expensive, they typically last 3-4 times … Read More

Apple Repair vs. DIY Repair SSD

When it comes to updating, repairing or refurbishing the Solid-State Drive (SSD) on your Apple macbook the question is “do I go to Apple or do it myself?” The SSD is a device within your Apple product holding … Read More

Apple wrapped up its annual WWDC conference on Friday June 9th with some announcements that could change the game for Apple Lovers. From new hardware to new software for developers, Apple’s key executives, Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, and Phil Schiller … Read More

iPhone Storage

Tricks To Clear Space On Your iPhone

Credit: YouTube   Running out of space on your iPhone is frustrating, especially for those iPhone owners with only 16GB of storage. Ever try to download a new app, take photos of your trip, or even just update … Read More

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