Which Apple Mouse Should I Buy?

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The facts on which Apple mouse is best for you.


Mighty Mouse vs. Magic Mouse


Currently on www.macofalltrades.com we offer two options for computer mice to purchase to go along with your Apple desktop or refurbished MacBook, the Mighty Mouse or the Magic Mouse. While the Mighty Mouse we offer is a wired computer mouse and the Magic Mouse is wireless, there are still many advantages and disadvantages to both that the average consumer does not know.

When looking to purchase a new mouse some things you might want to keep in mind are if you want a wired mouse, if you like buttons on your mouse, if you want a scroll wheel, and the shape of the mouse. A mouse may seem like a trivial peripheral for your computer to worry about but it can make all the difference in comfort and productivity when trying to operate your computer.


Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse, computer mouse, Apple Mouse, Apple, Mac, laptop, macbook, desktop, iMac, Mac Pro


Magic Mouse


The Magic Mouse is one of the most popular Apple compatible mice on the market. This is a high-end mouse that has redefined what these devices can do. Just like other Apple products, the Magic Mouse has also evolved in design with a sleek seamless top plastic shell that can be used as one button or two. The top shell has a multi-Touch surface that has a full 360-degree scroll capability, and also allows you to swipe through pages online or photos in an album. This wireless mouse connects through Bluetooth also saving valuable USB ports. It runs off of two AA batteries stored in the metal undercarriage latch, which also holds the on/off switch and an indicator light.

Although a great mouse, the Magic Mouse still comes with some drawbacks like only being able to run on Mac OS X versions 10.5.8 or later. Another complaint consumers have had with the Magic Mouse is that with the slim model, it isn’t as comfortable for your hand and can make it difficult to operate the mouse smoothly.


Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse, computer mouse, Apple Mouse, Apple, Mac, laptop, macbook, desktop, iMac, Mac Pro


Mighty Mouse


One of the biggest concerns for any consumer is price. If you go to our website you can see that the Mighty Mouse is the cheapest mouse on the site for only $15. Despite not having all the glitz and glam of the Magic Mouse, the Mighty Mouse still holds a solid following of fans because of the price, comfort and lack of need for batteries. The Mighty Mouse offers a 360-degree scroll ball and button that you can click on to access one of your favorite Mac OS X feature like the Dashboard. Besides the scroll ball, the Mighty Mouse also has other customizable features like the force-sensing side buttons. Through the system preferences you can customize these two buttons on either side of the mouse to activate numerous different options to optimize the mouse functions. Other positives about this wired mouse is that it doesn’t require batteries because of the USB cord, and it doesn’t come with software to upload to your computer.

While many like the comfort of the Mighty Mouse over the other, many consumers say that the Mighty Mouse has a cheaper feel, and the design isn’t as sexy as other mice. Most complaints about this mouse revolve around the rollerball. Over time the rollerball can collect debris making it hard to use, but there are easy fixes to cleaning these mice if it comes down to that.


Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse, computer mouse, Apple Mouse, Apple, Mac, laptop, macbook, desktop, iMac, Mac Pro


You don’t need many choices for computer mice unless you have specific prerogatives that you need a mouse for; however, between the Magic Mouse and the Mighty Mouse the average consumer should be set. Whether your main priority is saving money, or if it is having a wireless mouse of these two mice should be just want you need.  To buy an Apple mouse now go to www.macofalltrades.com.

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