Apple Products and Education

College Students in classroom on iMac

Apple products and computers have been helping students for over 30 years. From the Apple II to the iMac and the iPad Mini, these computers and tablets continually provide the best ongoing education opportunities. More educators choose Apple products because they offer a more personal and immersive learning experience for students both young and old.

Benefits of buying Apple products for education are broad, ranging from increased exposure to reliable security. Students with Apple products benefit from the most up to date software and learning tools. For example, students gain from the increased usage of eBooks made accessible through the iPad and Macbook conveniently found on iTunes and iBooks. The increased connectivity generated by these Apple devices creates a bridge between in-class and at-home learning. Additionally, the integration of Apple products with education prepares students for the steadily increasing number of jobs that also use Apple devices. Finally, with the safety and security provided by iOS and OSX, coupled with reliability, Apple products quickly become the ideal educational tools.

Apple iMac EducationWhile financing this educational investment can be difficult, mac of all trades offers affordable options to help institutions get the most Apple equipment for their budgets. We have a diverse inventory, stocked with iMac, Macbook and Mac Pro, plus the more you buy, the more you save! Our volume educational benefits also include our ability to match existing hardware and the option to purchase one year warranties. Purchases can be made here, using a purchase order.

If you have more questions or require additional assistance, contact our dedicated and experienced sales representative who can help you sell older Apple products through mac me an offer, or find out if mac of all trades can accept your school’s PO. Visit here to explore more and take advantage of mac of all trades’ refurbished options to keep your school’s educational hardware up-to-date and running smoothly or to advance your coursework as a student.

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