Apple Repair vs. DIY Repair SSD

When it comes to updating, repairing or refurbishing the Solid-State Drive (SSD) on your Apple macbook the question is “do I go to Apple or do it myself?” The SSD is a device within your Apple product holding data. It is removable component easy to upgrade.  If you are thinking about going though Apple, there are pros and cons.


  • They do the work for you if the macbook is under Apple warranty
  • Apple does quality work


  • Apple only repairs the macbook via the original factory configuration (meaning that they do not offer to upgrade the storage size)
  • If your product is no longer under Apple warranty, you have to pay for the repairs.
  • There is downtime in sending to Apple.

Even though Apple does not offer to upgrade the storage for a fee, they are willing to take a look and see why your product is underperforming and attempt to fix it back to the original performance.

If you are the type of person who likes to take the DIY route, there are a pros and cons as well.


  • Ability to update the storage space on the device
  • Save on labor costs
  • Little downtime


  • Could cause issues with the fan in the macbook overheating
  • If you err, Apple will no longer help you due to third party product placement.

If you are confident in replacing and or upgrading storage space on your device, it is more efficient to do it on your own. However, if there are any issues in this process, Apple will no longer be an option.

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