Throwback Thursday: Apple II

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We are debuting our first weekly Throwback Thursday blog post with the Apple II. This was Apple Inc.’s first mass-produced microcomputer that sold nearly six million units by the time the computer was taken off production.


Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs designed the Apple II in 1977 with the idea of the machine to be an “extraordinary computer for the ordinary people”. Unlike its predecessor, Apple I, Apple II was Apple Computer’s first consumer product that was fully self-contained for everyday use. Available with a case and keyboard or a switchboard only option the Apple II was introduced on to the market for a price of $1,298.   Today that would be equivalent to $5,074 due to inflation.


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There were three major improvements to the Apple II that made this computer stand out from the others. First, it was one of the initial computers with a color display. Apple even changed its logo to a multicolored apple to represent the new feature of the display. The new spreadsheet program called VisiCalc was also a game changer for the unit. Similar to Microsoft Excel, this program added rows and columns to give the user instant results that many programs were not able to do at the time. The other improvement was the flexibility of the eight expansion slots the Apple II was built with. Users had easy access to the motherboard to add different expansion cards to add to the computer’s capabilities like an upgraded video card or increased memory. There was not another computer around at that time that gave the user these types of options.


Apple, apple, computer, desktop, desktop computer, Apple II, tech, technology


The Apple II opened up the door of innovation and has been named one of Apple’s most influential products. To read Co-founder Steve Wozniak’s review of the computer click here.

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