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We were excited for Apple’s big WWDC keynote this year. There have been so many rumors going around, it would be hard for any Apple fan not to be eager for what big announcements were coming.

Just to get it out of the way, (you’re pockets will be happy to hear) no new devices or hardware were announced, so you don’t have to go wait in line at the closest Apple Store. However, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 were unveiled with lots of great updates for your Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Apple’s newest version of OS X , Yosemite, comes with a new facelift of translucent panels, a flat design and a new dark mode. Other great updates include the revisions with Spotlight. It has been reinvented and can now quickly open apps or it can generate search results straight from a website like Wikipedia. Both Mail and Safari also gained major improvements making both more user friendly. Mail added Markup a built in image editor for attachments, and Safari gained the ability to share content through email or messages with the click of a button.

Apple also announced iCloud Drive, which many will be happy about. Now easier than ever you will be able to access any content saved to iCloud through the Finder window, and the iCloud drive, similar to Dropbox, now syncs across all of your Macs, iOS devices and even Windows PCs. This will make it easier to access documents and content from anywhere and through any device.

Available in the fall, Apple’s new iOS has a lot of great updates that we have been waiting for. A new feature QuickType will be able to auto-complete your sentences while texting by learning your typing habits. Also with iMessages, you will be able to leave threads, push a Do Not Disturb button on a specific conversation, and you will also be able to send voice and video messages through your texts.

There will also be a new app on your iPhone called Health, which will help track your personal health and fitness data. It will also be able to integrate other information from third party apps so that you are able to get a variety of key records and information about your fitness, sleep and other health habits.

Bringing iOS and OS X closer than ever is an assortment of features Apple referred to as ‘Continuity’. All your Apple devices can now be synchronized through Handoff so that you can pick up one device like your iPad, and continue working on what you previously had open on the desktop of your Mac. Along with that, you will also be able to get text messages and phone calls through your Mac, and you will be able to share files between your iPhone and Macs using AirDrop.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the fall to be able to get all these updates for our OS X and iOS 8 devices, but we can’t wait. It also makes us excited knowing all these updates are in preparation for some very awesome new products to be revealed in the future!

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