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Tech demands increase each year as more schools encourage technology in the classroom with 1:1 programs. Even without a 1:1 program teacher’s are requesting for papers to be typed out or research be done online, making it hard for any student who doesn’t have their own computer or tablet to do the required assignments.


Kindergarten through college, all students will be looking to make new tech purchases in the next few months, so we made this guide 4 Apple products for students that can help anyone going back to school and on their way to straight A’s.


1. MacBook


With a built in keyboard, wifi access and a small screen, MacBooks are a great tool for students. This portable laptop is great for taking to class and then bringing back home or to the library to finish assignments or write papers. Perfect for the dorms, MacBooks are good for multitasking like watching videos, listening to music, saving photos and browsing the Internet.


Built with more power and memory than an iPad, the MacBook is a good long-term option for not only students but also professionals too.


2. iPad


Apple’s tablet, the iPad, is a great tech tool to run educational apps, browse the web, and take notes amongst many other tasks. Because of its small size, the iPad is a great option for students to throw in their backpacks look up information quickly online, and stream movies in their free time.


The iPad is great for anyone with a low budget. It’s easy to use with most of the functionality as a laptop without as much power or storage.


3. iPhone


Have someone getting his or her driver’s license this year or moving away to college and you want to make sure you can always be in contact? The Apple iPhone might be a good option for you.  Download apps, play music or games, FaceTime, call and text all from one device, while avoiding huge payments or a two-year contract by buying a refurbished Apple iPhone.


4. Magic Mouse


Already have a MacBook or iMac and looking for a new accessory to improve your productivity? Apple fans love the Magic Mouse. This little, sleek Apple Mouse offers shortcuts and tricks for better efficiency. The wireless mouse can be used as one or two buttons, has a multi-touch surface and has a 360-scroll capability. Easily swipe through pictures or tabs, double tap the mouse to view all open applications at once, and customize and gesture to make the best out of the mouse functions.


Going back to school can be an expensive time, save money and buy refurbished. Mac of all trades offers some of the best pricing around on refurbished macBooks, iPads, iPhones and accessories. See what we have available here.

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