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It’s that time of year again. You are headed back to the dorms, and can no longer rely on mom or dad to keep track of your schedule. Finding time to study, go to class, and work can be overwhelming. Here are some apps for your iPad or iPhone to help you stay organized this year at college.


iHomework – $1.99

Need help staying organized? This app is for you. iHomework allows you to enter your class times, homework assignments, lectures and anything else that might come up on your syllabus. Remind yourself when homework is due or when you need to start studying for that big Accounting mid-term so you don’t fall behind.


Dropbox – Free

This app gives you the ability to access all your photos, videos, documents and files from anywhere. Free up memory on your phone by uploading the contents to the cloud and access files offline that are on your Favorites list. Dropbox can sync files from your desktop computer, tablet and phone. The app is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.


iTunes U – Free

Have a research paper to write or need a better understanding of something you will be tested on? Turn to iTunes U. Apple calls iTunes U, “the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content.” With useful resources from k-12 schools to universities; not only can you take course notes while inside iTunes U, you can also check off assignments you have completed and share your favorite content with friends.


EasyBib – Free

This app might be the biggest time savor for all those papers you will have to write. The EasyBib app helps you create MLA, APA and Chicago style citations in seconds. This time consuming task can now be done simply by scanning the barcode of a book.


BenchPrep – Free

It’s never too soon to think about life after college. If you’re going to Law School or taking your education to the next level, use the BenchPrep app to study for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT and more. This test prep platform features lessons, flashcards, and practice questions to help you prepare for test day!

Mint – Free

Keeping track of your personal finances may be the last thing on your mind, but now it is easy with the Mint app. Bring all your credit cards, checking, savings, and even retirement accounts to one place. You can also receive alerts when an account balance gets too low, when a bill is due, or if you have exceeded your budget. This app can help you manage your money if you are trying to save, or limit the amount you spend on the weekends.

Know any other great apps for college students? Suggest them in the comments below!*


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