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We work with many people daily who either want to purchase or sell a computer. Even if it is one item or a bulk order we have helped all types of companies, schools and organizations. Despite, the thousands of orders we receive it is rare we see how a lot of these organizations put their computers to use.


Recently, we sold a volume order of refurbished Apple iMacs to a non-profit organization called “The Little Haiti Optimist Club”.  The LHOC runs out of North Miami Beach and was established in 2010 by community leaders to provide educational and learning programs to the youth of Little Haiti in the Miami area.


The organization has served more than 12,000 kids and their families since it has been open with programs to “prepare youth for academic and life excellence”. Amongst different programs like sports, tutoring, life skills, college preparation and technology training, the club also has a Tech Center where they let their members and community use computers at no extra cost.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.36.23 PM


They sent us a video they made telling their story, and showing us how the refurbished Apple computers they bought from Mac of all trades were put to use! Watch the Little Haiti Optimist Club video here —>

If you are a non-profit organization and looking to purchase a volume order of computers.  Let mac of all trades help you pick out the best refurbished Apple products for your organization to save you money and meet your budget.  Click this link for whole sale prices.

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