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In addition to communication, there are other ways Apple devices can make
 your life easier. In this article, we will discuss transactions that can be
 simplified using a Macbook, iPad, or iPhone – all three offer the same 
conveniences to users.


1.Online Banking and Bill Payment


Many people prefer to save time and
 money by paying their bills online. Payments are posted almost immediately, 
and you have confirmation of your transaction – which is something you 
don’t get with the Post Office! Most banks and credit unions offer free
 online bill pay services. You can also check your account balances, 
transfer funds, and a host of other transactions all from the comfort of
 your home. Financial institutions offer secure websites that encrypt your 
data, so you have the peace of mind of knowing your data is safe and
 protected – which is one of the common concerns voiced by seniors new to 
online banking.


2. Online Shopping


eCommerce is the term used to refer to online retail &
shopping. Shopping online is probably one of the biggest benefits of having 
a Mac and internet access. It’s ease and convenience are what make it such
 an attractive option to people of all age groups – especially seniors. 
Imagine getting what you want without having to fight traffic or crowds. 
Or, perhaps you don’t drive, and you have to wait for someone to take you 
to the store. With online shopping at your finger tips, you can order what
 you want, when you want it, and have it shipped directly to you. Most
 retailers have an online store, and online retailers such as Amazon can 
give you access to unlimited products, many times with free or reduced


3. Healthcare


Most insurance plans, including Medicare, offer information 
and services online. The majority also offer mobile apps so all of your
 coverage information is available to you whenever you need it on your
 iPhone or iPad. This is especially helpful when you are at your doctor’s
 office for example, and you would like to know the copay on a medication
 they have prescribed you. You can also choose to order your prescription 
medications online through your mail order pharmacy, saving you time and


4. Music


Music lovers everywhere enjoy the many opportunities available
 to listen to music online. You can purchase and download albums, or just
 your favorite songs, through your iTunes account. You can also take 
advantage of a variety of FREE music streaming sites such as Pandora, or 
Spotify, that let you customize your music experience to suit your tastes.
 Jazz, big band music, standards, the options are endless, and you only have 
to listen to the music you prefer – with many more options than traditional
 AM/FM radio currently provides. You may even choose to purchase a wireless 
(Bluetooth) speaker to play music from your Apple device in your home with
 even better sound than your stereo!


All of these are great ways to use your new Macbook, iPad, or iPhone. The
 convenience these technologies afford users is immeasurable. You can save a
lot of time, and trips to the store or bank, by using the services
available to you online.

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