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Absolutely! In fact, using technology to communicate is becoming the
 preferred mode of communication for younger people today. Do you find that 
you frequently get someone’s voice mail when you try to call them? It’s no
 accident! With so many adults juggling work, home, and parenting… they 
just don’t have time to sit and talk on the phone. You may be frustrated 
thinking, “I never talk to them anymore!”. But, communicating with them in
 their preferred way may just get you closer than ever.

Here are our suggestions for using technology to stay in touch with your
 friends and family:

1. Text Messaging – Text messaging has quickly become the most popular way 
to get a hold of someone. Apple iPhones offer easy to use text messaging, 
and even iMessaging (free texting between iPhone users). You can also use 
iMessaging on your iPad, and text other Apple users without even having 
texting on your phone!

2. Social Networking – Many people use social networking sites, such as 
Facebook, to keep up with what’s going on in their family and friends’ 
lives. You can quickly and easily create an online account and profile, and 
link up with your friends and family and soon be part of their online 
community. Facebook is one of the best places for photo sharing, too. You
 can also read and comment on news stories, and in online forums for a 
variety of topics that suit your interests. The ability to have regular 
contact with others without having visitors or going out is what makes 
social networking so attractive, especially to seniors who may not be able 
to travel as frequently as they’d like.

3. Video Chatting– Facetime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are three popular
 ways to have video conversations with friends and family, and they are all
 free to use. Whether you’re using a Macbook, iPad, or an iPhone – all three 
offer the same video chatting capabilities.

We promise that if you try one or more of these, you will find that your
 social life becomes more enriched, as you begin to communicate with friends
 and family through multiple channels. All Apple products come with Facetime
 and iMessaging already installed on the devices. Skype, Google Hangouts,
and Facebook are free downloads from the App Store.

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