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With the smart phone market drastically increasing in India, Apple is trying to take steps forward to break in to the industry there where they are lagging behind the more popular smart phone makers Samsung and Micromax. Apple has recently come up with a new idea to import and sell used iPhones in India. The idea is that by being able to sell used iPhones in India it will be able to combat some of the cost difference between iPhones and the Indian market where the majority of smartphones cost less than $200.


This has been all over the news, and because of that we have seen a heightened interest in used iPhones. People are learning that they can get a previously owned Apple product for a fraction of the cost they would get a new one for, making it more affordable for the average person. However, the terms “used iPhone” and “refurbished iPhone” have been used interchangeably confusing many consumers.


With the spike in curiosity over used iPhones many people have asked us what the difference between a used iPhone and a refurbished one is, and if there is even a difference at all? It can be tricky to figure out the differences between the two especially going through companies that are not as well known as Apple. We have come up with five differences between used and refurbished iPhones to try and help clarify the questions we have been getting.


  1. Condition


Many times the condition of the product can be the biggest difference between a used and refurbished unit. Used iPhones will come “as is” from the vendor. They do not spend extra time to clean or fix any damages. With refurbished products, every product is thoroughly cleaned and if there are any cosmetic damages that can be fixed, they are.


  1. Vendor


There are many different websites, store fronts and individual sellers that offer both refurbished and used products; however, usually when looking into a used product most of the time the vendor will be an individual seller selling their personal item off a site like Craig’s List. Since used products are usually not repaired or cleaned they are usually sold from an individual looking to make the most money by selling it first hand rather than going through another company. If you are buying a refurbished iPhone through a company, many times they have credentials you can refer to to make sure they are a legitimate company.  Look on the company’s website and if you see they are a Google Trusted Store, or have good reviews with the Better Business Bureau many times that will be a good company to buy a refurbished product from.


  1. Warranty


Warranties aren’t always offered with refurbished or used products but more often than not, if you are purchasing a refurbished product it is through a company that will usually offer some type of warranty. At Mac of all trades we offer a free 90-day warranty, and also offer the options to purchase a 1-year and 2-year warranty as well. If you are looking into buying a used or refurbished product it is always good to research warranty options since the products are previously owned.


  1. Repair


Many times if you run across a used iPhone or computer on Craig’s List or another advertisement website, it is because a person is trying to get rid of the product because something is wrong with it. Most people do not know how to fix these problems, so they sell their items as is. On the other hand when a company is selling a refurbished product they go through extensive tests to make sure the machine is running correctly and if it is not, they will do all repairs necessary to be able to resell the product again and get it as close to perfect function.


  1. Support


To go along with the other points, another difference between buying a used iPhone and refurbished iPhone would be the technical support you receive during the purchase and after. If you purchase a refurbished iPhone from a company like Mac of all trades, they can help you with your order, make suggestions of products that might be best for you, and give you technical support after your purchase.


When looking to purchase a new computer if cost is the biggest factor, it could be cheapest to buy a used iPhone from someone but it can also be the riskiest.   Going with a refurbished iPhone saves money, and in most cases (depending on the company you purchase from) can offer some of the same benefits like repairs, warranties and support as going with a new product.

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