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Getting to Know the iMac

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Internet, individual, instruct, inform and inspire. These are the five key words Steve Jobs used to describe what the ‘I’ in iMac stood for.


In 1998, when the iMac was introduced the number one use that consumers wanted a new computer for was to get on the internet quicker and more easily. Apple wanted to address this concern and tried to unite the Internet with the Macintosh, and build the new iMac “for the next age of communication”.


The iMac has come a long way since its inception 16 years ago. The first of its kind, the all-in-one, brightly colored “Bondi-Blue”, egg shaped computers were a big hit with consumers. People loved the idea of integrating the internal components into the same display as the monitor and speakers freeing up room on their desktops and making the computers more mobile. The iMac was an industry game changer being the first computer to get rid of the floppy disk, and to introduce the USB port as the primary use for connecting other devices and peripherals.


Originally, Steve Jobs’ vision for the iMac was for this new computer to be faster with a G3 233 MHz processor, have a bigger display that was 15”, put in a lot more memory with 32 MB, and to add more internet technology than any other computer available at the time. Now, seven redesigns later, the newest iMacs are still considered to have some of the best high performance technologies and best design. In 2014, the newest iMacs are aluminum enclosed, display size can be 21.5 or 27-inch, and hold up to 32GB of RAM.


At mac of all trades we see an abundance of iMacs come and go in our warehouse. Many looking for a compact, desktop computer that is easy to use and set up turn to the iMac which is on of the most popular machines. It’s a great every day computer if you don’t already have a monitor that can be used for surfing the web, audio/video editing, web design, watching movies and doing your basic tasks for work or school.


The iMac is also a great computer for your business or school. Mac of all trades works with many different kinds of businesses and education institutions to outfit their offices and schools with refurbished iMacs. iMacs are a good option for many of these organizations because iMacs are a more secure computer than PCs, have all the tools needed to use out of the box, are easy to use for a group of people varying in computer backgrounds and skills, and mac of all trades can offer discounts on volume buying of purchases of five or more refurbished iMacs.


If a desktop computer is something you are looking into buying, the iMac is for you. It has enough power for most consumers and professionals, easily fits on most desks or can even be mounted on a wall, and is a versatile computer that can be used for many different tasks. If you’re in the market for an iMac check out what we have to offer at mac of all trades. There is a consistent variety of refurbished iMacs available online daily, and you can always contact us if you have any more questions about why an iMac can be the perfect computer for you!


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