Getting to Know the Mac Mini

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The Mac mini might not be as popular as Apple’s iMac desktop computer, but it is definitely not a computer to forget about. The Mac mini is a compact seven-inch square framed computer, that Apple claims to be “the World’s most energy-efficient desktop computer” on the market.

When Steve Jobs introduced the Mac mini in January 2005 he said, “They (consumers) want a Mac that’s stripped down, no display, no keyboard or mouse…and so we think we know what they have in mind.” And Jobs was right. Apple introduced this popular desktop computer as an entry-level, affordable computer that anyone can use. By not including the peripherals Apple was able to cut down on the price and get a product out to the public that had been heavily requested by consumers.

Apple sells three different desktop computers; the Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini. People who are heavy into gaming or video editing might lean towards a Mac Pro and iMac because of the extra power that they pack; however, if you aren’t tech savvy, are a new Mac user or just looking to save some money this is a great go to computer. The Mac mini has also gained more respect with the newer generation models because of the increase in speed and power that they have received compared to the first generation of Mac minis.

What separates the Mac mini from the other Apple desktop computers is how it ships without the other peripherals. Jobs introduced it at the Macworld Conference and Expo saying the computer is BYODKM. (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard and Mouse.) The mini was released after the all in one iMac desktop was released, targeting PC users that were converting to Mac and already had their own peripherals to use with the mini.

Each generation of Mac mini varies with it’s specs and upgradability, but the basic Mac mini comes with 4GB of RAM, and can be upgraded to 8GB or even a max 16GB of RAM. As far as storage the entry level mini comes with a 500GB hard drive, while the more expensive minis come with a 1TB Fusion Drive. The mini is also equipped with a Firewire or Thunderbolt 2 ports depending on generation, and a HDMI port that allows people to hook the mini up to their TVs to play music and movies.

Since it’s release in 2005 the mini has been a popular product for budget-minded customers and Mac beginners. If you’re in the market for a new desktop don’t over look the capabilities of the Mac mini. At mac of all trades we have a variety of refurbished Mac minis for sale. Follow this link if you want to see the models and prices of the Mac minis we have available now

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