Longevity of Apple Products

It is a common misconception that Apple products have a short lifespan. While it is true that people tend to replace their Apple devices (specifically MacBooks and iPhones) every three to four years, this isn’t because the product no longer functions. In fact, some Macs are known to have a ten-year lifespan. For legal reasons, Apple cannot advertise that new Macs will last ten years, but many users have reported continuing, quality service from vintage Apple products. Apple’s remarkable longevity can be attributed to the engineering of the software and the durability of the hardware.

Unlike PC parts, Apple components tend to work for a long time unless they are severely abused. Macs are built to last, and Apple proved their commitment to endurance when they switched out the plastic body of MacBooks and iBooks for universally metal models. Apple’s hardware engineering philosophy has always been that fewer parts lead to fewer opportunities for failure. This constant improvement process can be seen in the change from the larger circuit board in the 2008 MacBook to a candy bar-sized logic board in the 2015 MacBook. Apple also moved from mechanical drives to exclusive chip-based storage.The company’s demonstrated dedication to high-quality components reaffirms the longevity of Apple products.

In another example of Apple’s dedication to the improved longevity of its products, the iPhone 6S Plus costs $16 more per unit to assemble compared to the iPhone 6 Plus because more durable components are being utilized. These improvements include strengthened aluminum framing, a Gorilla Glass 4 screen, and better water resistant seals. In fact, Apple actually refers the “three-year lifespan” of the iPhone as the time the first owner will use it before recycling, selling, or trading in the device, not as a measurement of when the device will cease working.

mac of all trades iPad 2 In iPads, Apple’s diligence in producing top-quality, long-lasting devices has proved fruitful. The iPad case is built of a strong aluminum and lithium compound that is resistant to cracks from falls. Moreover, the iPad battery is 6x the size of the iPhone battery and thus it is resistant to the battery life shortening older iPhones faced after extended use. In fact, since iPads are incredibly well designed and rarely need to be replaced, Apple’s iPad sales have gone down: the company has essentially reached market saturation in the tablet department because users enjoy their iPads for years to come.

Additionally, unlike Windows computers, Apple reins tight control over all components that go into a Mac. Since the parts do not all come from different places, they can be optimized to run smoothly and work together throughout the lifespan of the system. Consequently, Apple is able to ensure that all products, old and new, receive upgrades pertaining to their specific hardware capabilities. The basic requirements for new software updates remain relatively unchanged allowing new software to run on much older systems. For example, the iOS 9 software released in 2015 still works on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 from 2011. Additionally, OS X El Capitan runs on the 2007 iMac. The ability for older devices to run new software also demonstrates Apple’s commitment to eliminating security vulnerabilities on products old and new. There is an incentive to upgrade the Mac for enhanced performance and newer features, but many still use older Macs and earlier versions of software for basic purposes such as sending emails, browsing web pages, and playing games.

iPhone 4s

Many other users repurpose older Macs and Macbooks for more simplified purposes. Older Macs can service as file servers, basic video players, or even student computers. One of the more popular repurposing strategies is to use the Mac as an iTunes media server that connects to Apple TV. At home, old Macs can be used as a wireless hotspot extender–to increase the scope of the wi-fi reach. Macbooks can also be utilized in home theater system set ups or repurposed into a desktop and monitor configuration. Other users install Mac Mini systems into their cars for a powerful multimedia setup

 Apple’s attention to high-quality parts has created a loyal following. Once older MacBooks start slowing down, most people look for new MacBooks instead of PC computers. Additionally, users resort to updates to get more life from an older machine: for example, by adding RAM or switching the hard drive with SSD. Users who do not need the added features provided by frequent upgrades can enjoy long-lasting dependability with older Apple models, while heavy users can appreciate the high resale value most older models can deliver. Mac of all trades caters to both types of users with our large refurbished inventory and resale program, mac me an offer.


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