Mac Tips and Tricks

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Useful Mac tips to help give you a better user experience.

Here are some more Mac Tips and Tricks to help you navigate your Mac, and to help you have a better user experience with your Apple computer. Comment below if you have any useful Mac tips or tricks that we didn’t mention, and maybe we will feature them on the next Tip Tuesday article!


  1. Quickly Spell-Check a Word

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When a word shows up underlined in red in an email or document, this usually means the word is either misspelled or that the word is not the computer’s dictionary. Right click on the word to see what correctly spelled words the computer suggests, or add it to the dictionary.


  1. Share with Friends

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Use the share button to send friends, co-workers, and family funny links or files. Click on the button that looks like an arrow going up out of a box. When you click on this button it will give you options like to share through a social media network, your messages, or even email. This share option will also track and remember who you share most often with keeping that person as an option to share with as well at the bottom of the menu.


  1. Use Preview to Edit Images

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The Preview app is often overlooked; however, it can be a great source for your image editing needs. If you just need basic capabilities to crop, resize and do some color adjustments using Preview will help. Click on an image and then press the spacebar key. This will launch the photo and from there you can fully open the image in Preview by selecting the “Open with Preview” button. Once you have the image open in Preview, you can navigate the toolbar to choose if you need to resize, crop and even draw on the image.


  1. Share your iTunes Library

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Now you can share your music and movies with your household through iTunes. Go to iTunes>Preferences>Sharing and then finally click on ‘Share my library on my local network’. iTunes also gives you the option to create a password if you want to limit who has access to your library.


  1. Paste Text in Same Format

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.15.14 PM

If you have ever pasted text from a website into a document or email and noticed it was in a different size, font or even color this trip will be useful for you! After you have ‘Copied’ the text from the original website or document, then go to the document you want to paste the text into, click on Edit, and then select Paste and Match Formatting.


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