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Here at mac of all trades, we’ve been thinking about how seniors and baby
boomers use technology, and if they’re not using it today, why should they?
 A couple of our staffers here had great examples of how Apple products
 changed the lives of their parents for the better…


Margaret and her Grandchildren


Our first story centers around one of our moms, Diane. Diane’s children
 were spread out across the country, and were starting to have children. and
Diane was not able to travel frequently to visit her new grandbabies.
Exasperated with her mother’s old flip-style cell phone, her daughter 
encouraged her to get an iPhone. Diane loved the iPhone for many reasons,
including the fact that it was easy to use, had a touch display, and
probably her favorite reason…that her iPhone let her see her grand babies 
without ever leaving her home! How, you might ask? With the Facetime app.
She can simply call her daughter on the iPhone using Facetime, and have a
video call whenever she wanted. She could watch her granddaughter try solid
food for the first time, sing her a lullaby, take her first steps, all
because of the iPhone’s technology. Her grandchildren know Grandma, not 
only her voice, but see her all of the time thanks to her new iPhone and


John and his Friends “Back Home”


Our next example is John, John’s family moved to the United States from
 Italy when he was a young teenager. For his 40th wedding anniversary, his
 daughter and son-in-law bought him and his wife an iPad. John had been
 using a desktop computer for web browsing and email, and was curious what
 else he could do with the iPad. After some prompting by his daughter, he
 set up a Facebook account. From there, he reconnected with several of his
 old friends (and many of his relatives) from Italy and even joined a group 
specifically for his hometown. He uses his iPad several times a week to
have Skype chats with friends and family, and has been in touch with them 
more times since getting his iPad two years ago than he had in the prior 57 
years since he’d left Italy!

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According to the Huffington Post, a study funded by Google shows seniors 
and baby boomers are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of
 internet users. The study participants included more than 6,000 boomers and 
seniors with the research firm Ipsos that examined
 how these groups are using the Internet. Baby boomers were classified as 
those age 45-66 years old, and seniors were classified as those 67 years of
age and older. To read the rest of the article click here.

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