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Bringing technology into the classroom is becoming a popular teaching technique from grammar schools to universities. With children learning how to use cell phones, tablets and computers at an early age, studies have discovered that students are already using technology whether it is to play educational games, or to go online for help with homework.

The past couple years, many school districts have been integrating devices like iPads and MacBooks into their daily curriculum, jumping into programs like the 1:1 technology initiative. The one-to-one computing program is based around the concept that every student is provided a device like a laptop or tablet, to generate a hands-on education environment that personalizes each student’s learning experience.

Bringing these programs to the classroom has been shown to increase student engagement, and motivate students to learn more. Teachers and administrations are now seeing the positive affects of bringing technology into the classroom, and have been taking advantage of students’ eagerness in learning through technology.

If you are looking to start integrating technology into your classroom here are some tips we have before you start.

1. Plan how you are going to incorporate technology into your classroom

The hardest part about bringing devices into education is pre-planning how to execute the program. There are so many ways to incorporate technology, whether it is assigning projects online, using certain apps for teaching lessons or many other ways you will have to decide which are the best options for you and your students.

You will also have to try and foresee any issues that could arise and how you will deal with them. You may have to put different restrictions on devices depending on the age groups of your students, or hire an IT professional in house so you will have someone who can fix technical problems with the devices.

2. Decide which devices are best for your program

Many factors go into the decision of which device you should purchase for your program. For many, cost is the biggest issue so going with refurbished products could be a good choice, or even purchasing tablets over laptops for students can be a cheaper option.

3. Train your administration

Before these programs are executed the best thing an administration can do is make sure that all the teachers are well trained and knowledgeable about the devices that will be in their classrooms. Some of the best 1:1 programs work because of the preparation that teachers took to learn the capabilities of these devises, so that they are able to answer any questions.

4. Execute and continue evolving

Finally, you need to bring it all together in the classroom with the students. See what your students pick up on and what they don’t. If there are certain apps that your students gravitate towards, or you notice a learning game that they can’t get enough of keep track of those and build your future lesson plans around what works.

At mac of all trades we have worked with and provided many different schools with iPads, MacBooks and other refurbished Apple products to help them achieve their technology initiatives, and to sustain their goals for their students and schools long term. Now let us help you!

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