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Like this photo via shows, Splitscreen view is a new option in the OS X EL Capitan update that allows you to multitask two applications at once.

Last September, Apple released OS X 10.11 El Capitan succeeding the last operating system, Yosemite. It has been a few months since the newest Apple OS X update for Macs, but many people still have not taken the plunge to update their software.

The most recent update has been pretty minor compared to previous OS X versions like Yosemite, but it still packs a punch with a few important new features. Apple’s OS X is engineered for easy use making each operating system update more user-friendly. Here are a few that can help you be more productive on your Mac.

Split Screen View


This has been a long-awaited update. With Split View, you are now able to work on two apps at the same time. You will not have to manually resize either window to fit the screen when opening Split View, this update will automatically fill your screen with whichever two applications you choose to be open.



Spotlight has become a go-to tool for many people to use. Whether it is used to find a file on your computer or to do a math equation, many people utilize Spotlight on a daily basis and everything it has to offer. One big update people are happy about is that you can reposition the window, and drag it anywhere on the screen so that it does not cover up certain parts of the screen. Another update to Spotlight the ability to check sports scores, and even the weather.



Now being more productive is easy in Mail. Now your Calendar App and Mail work together, keeping you on schedule for meetings, calls, and any important events you have. Now your Calendar has a new feature that will add important dates and upcoming events that it recognizes in Mail. Mail will also ask you if you want to create a contact for any new users that have emailed you, and will automatically fill the contact information out.

Other enhanced features in mail are the ability to swipe the email to mark is as read or unread, and to even delete it. There are also now easy to use tabs that allow you to switch back and forth between emails to make it easier to copy text or attach a document.



Notes has also become even more intricate as well. Now add a photo, link, map location or even a drawing in your notes, and it will be saved in your iCloud for access across all your OS X and iOS devices. You can now make your lists into check-lists and check off items that you have completed. One of the best new features of Notes is the ability to browse all attachments that you have at some point attached or added to a note. Now there is a tab at the top of the screen that lets you browse through photos, sketches, maps, websites, audio and even documents.

The OS X El Capitan new update does not stop there. There are plenty of other new features in Safari, Photos, Maps, and even security options for securing your iCloud account and App Store purchases. It is definitely worth it to upgrade your OS X for the new features if your Mac can handle the update. Follow this link to download the OS X for free.

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