As far as Apple Worldwide Developers Conferences tend to go, 2016 was a relatively quiet year. We may not have heard about new hardware, hardware redesigns or software but there are many cool new features and integrations for OS X and iOS. Apple presented their new features in two hours, we here at mac of all trades have summarized the most important highlights here:

Privacy updates include enabling advanced end-to-end encryption in order to safeguard user communications. Apple explained its differential privacy policy: this honors individual privacy but not aggregate privacy, meaning that Apple is still allowed to crowdsource information.

Third party developers will now have access to Siri and iMessage making both features more expansive. Improved universal integration, Siri will finally be available on desktop and tvOS. iMessage is receiving a major overhaul featuring animations, text features and integration. Said animations include bubble effects, full screen capabilities and 3x bigger emojis. Text features include scalable text, invisible ink, handwritten messages and sketches. Integrations will enable link expansion with rich html links, video building and an in-app camera feature.

Apple Photos, Music and Maps are all facing redesign. For the Photos app, the iPhone will soon categorize photos based on relevance including lapple-1125136_960_720ocation and facial recognition. The new Memories feature will also automatically create editable movies from the pictures and videos. Apple Music will soon boast better music control due to bigger photos, a lyrics tabs and a daily curated list like the one Spotify provides. Last but not least, the Maps app update includes a smarter interface and improved display. Apple says that it will be more proactive and intuitive by offering recommendation shortcuts, road updates based on road conditions and CarPlay based turn-by-turn navigation.

The lock screen is set to become the new home screen, possessing capabilities like 3d touch integration and active display. Users can look forward to responding to messages from the lock screen, live video notifications and faster application access.

The OS X software for Macs has been re-dubbed as MacOS. Updates for Sierra include: auto unlock with the iWatch, improved automatic storage with iCloud, a shared clipboard with iOS and Apple Pay integration.

ipod-1442896_960_720The Watch has also undergone a major overhaul. Apple has added instant response and scribble response, a new dock feature and S.O.S. mode (emergency calling). The watch is said to load apps 7x faster than before and include an iOS like interaction. Along with improvements and features, Apple is also offering customizable options such as wheelchair friendly mode, meditation programs and customizable watch faces.

In addition to Siri integration and a remote app, TVos will allow cross device app syncing meaning that users only have to log into all apps once. Apple is calling this SSO or single sign on, and this removes the lengthy process to connect to a cable account

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